Monday, July 2, 2012

Why does Rense link to this stuff? 'Gay Mormons Leave Church. Who Cares?'

Henry Makow used to be the darling of Jeff, but some tiff occurred between them and Rense no longer links to Henry Makow. (For those unfamilair with Makow, he writes homo-phobic, anti-feminist, misosgynistic and anti-Semitic pieces that, regardless of the main theme of any given article, are summarized with the conclusion that these crimes against society are the work of commie-lesbo-Jew-Illluminati-Satanists.) Unfortunately, as we know, there is no lack of bigots out there and Rense has simply continued linking to such people; one such person is Paul A. Drockton M.A. In the following blog, he rants about gay Mormons leaving the church, and for Drockton, that's a good thing:Paul Drockton: Gay Mormons Leave Church. Who Cares?

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