Saturday, March 24, 2012

" Don't Tell Anyone About your Arsenal/Preperations" via piglipstick

My comments inspired by a link on the piglipstick blog about medical personnel asking patients if they own guns or not. Slightly sticky topic: who likes guns? Well, a lot of people, obviously. I don't, not very much. And the whole gun culture -- no thanks. But as I comment at my blog Octopus Confessional, there have been times when I've considered owning a gun, and I will make sure I own one, and know how to use it correctly, when I move to the country. That aside, this article isn't a question of the right or wrongness of owning guns, but the our personal freedoms and an ever increasing fascist government. I may have mixed feelings about guns, but I am very clear on the individuals' right to own, or not own, one, and it's no one's business if they do or not. Octopus Confessional: piglipstick: Don't Tell Anyone About your Arsenal/Preparations

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