Saturday, November 29, 2008

Look UP, Damnit!

Look UP, damnit! Why is there so much apathy and fear? Why do people refuse to look up, even then they see someone near them looking up and watching . . .something up there? Why do they, if they do look up, refuse to acknowledge what they've just seen? Chris Holly writes about this strange behavior that she's experienced many times, as have I. So I ask, what the hell is it people are afraid of?

I posted a little review of Chris Holly’s article on UFO Digest: What’s Going On? - The Sky is filled with Chemtrails and No One Looks Up! In that article, Holly mentions an earlier article she wrote for UFO Digest about seeing a UFO at a friends house during a party.Something is Wrong - That was a UFO
and NO One Noticed!
In both articles, Holly mentions the bizarre apathy of the majority of potential witnesses to things right above their heads, be they UFOs or chemtrails. As strange as both those events are, it’s certainly as strange to know that people do not -- and will not, when asked to -- look up. Often, when they do, after seeing a UFO, or the strange patterns made by those umarked white planes, they simply shrug and move on. Holly writes about the UFO she, and a few others, witnessed at the party, and their reaction:
I stood there flabbergasted at what we just observed. I could not believe I was so lucky to have had a deck full of friends to share this incredible sighting with. I turned towards the three who had been watching this display with me and said “ My god, did you just see that?” They looked at me and sort of shrugged.

Frustrated and confused by the lack of interest and excitement of her friends at seeing the UFO with its defintly un-plane like characteristics, Holly writes that she asked her friends about what they’d all just seen:
Wait a minute guys, did you just see what went on out there with those lights?’ They looked at me as if I was crazy. “It was just some lights Chris, probably a couple of planes.” I turned towards the three who witnessed the strange maneuvers of the lights with me and asked.” Have any of you ever seen a plane do what those lights just did?” To my complete amazement they just sort of looked at me blankly.

This response “It was just some lights, Chris, probably a couple of planes” is astounding. Of course, I wasn’t there, and didn’t see what Holly saw. But I have experienced the exact same thing, many times over, that Holly describes in both her articles.

From Holly’s description it doesn’t seem that what was seen were merely planes. IF they were simply planes, that’s still pretty weird. What kind of planes do those kinds of things? Aren’t people interested in that? Human made, military, or ET from space, it still is weird enough to be curious, at least. Instead, apathy rules, acknowledgement drools.

At least Holly had one friend who acknowledged that what they saw wasn’t simply a plane, that it was, indeed, very odd. While supportive and confirming, Holly is also confused by her friends’s reluctance to talk about it openly to the group; instead, he talks to her privately,and encourages her to let it go, because he worries that she will be treated badly and considered a nut. Even though they all saw the same thing!

It’s good to know that there are others out there, like Chris Holly, who have experienced these same kinds of things. I’ve written before in various places on-line about this phenomena of people not looking up, simply refusing to, or, when they do, simply shrug and pretend it didn’t happen.

Thankfully, we have people like Chris Holly who isn’t afraid to write about these experiences and is willing to call people on their reactions, or, lack of them.

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Richard Lalancette said...

The role of media, education and culture have a lot to do with all this.

We seem to have a very narrow vision, as human beings.

Looking up isn't natural, we tend to look in front of us, or to the sides, but we have lost the desire to look up.

Very most likely decades of disinformation work.

When I take the bus, at the station late in the evening, we can never see anyone looking up to the stars, I'm probably the only one doing it.

Oh well...